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While Florida property purchases can often be financed from one's own home country, perhaps, a main residence or secondary property as security, US mortgages will frequently be more attractive and are readily available subject to status. Advances of 70% of the cost (house, lot and pool) are relatively simple to obtain, 75% are not normally a problem although much detailed financial information will be required while 80% advances are certainly possible in many cases. With access to a vast number of different mortgage companies, we will be happy to recommend the most appropriate mortgage source for your circumstances. Interest rates can be fixed or variable. Fixed rates are currently around 8.5% (Please ask for the most up-to-date rate) fixed for up to 30 years and generally with no penalty for early redemption, making such a proposition considerably more attractive than financing available from within most other countries. Variable rates start at around 7% per annum.

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