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  Building House

If a house is to be built:

- For a cash sale, the process is simple:

  • When the house is complete we will inform you of the completion of the house.
  • If the you want to come and close in Florida, you can do a walk through to check that the house was built as per the selected specifications. Also, if you come to Florida to do the closing, you will need to transfer all the funds from your local account into a U.S. account (which will have to be opened by you) prior to the closing date. You will have to get a cashier check from your U.S bank for closing. You will have to set an appointment and co-ordinate between Park Square's, or other builders', closing agent and your notary.
  • If you do not want to come to Florida for the closing, the relevant documents will be couriered to you and then you will need to transfer the balance of the deposit (50% of the remaining amount if it is a cash purchase), or send a wire transfer for the correct amount to the Title Company. Also, you will have to have a notary (solicitor, attorney, or lawyer) to witness your signatures and ID?s.

- Once the closing is complete you need to sign our management contract, fill in a W7 form for an ITIN number, and sign power of attorney. We will then do the walk through on your behalf.

- After that, we will provide a monthly statement (30 days later) showing income and expenses.

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If you are interested in purchasing a property, or require more information, please use our contact form or call us .