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  setup cost
Setup costs applicable for the purchase of a new home
Items: Cost:
Deposits for Electricity $150.00
Deposits for Water $50.00
Deposits for Telephone $150.00
Cable Installation $50.00
Pool Signs $30.00
City License $50.00
County Occupational License $35.00
Hotel License $120.00
Registration Taxes, County and State $10.00
Fire Extinguisher $65.00
Security Locks and Bars $145.00
Emergency, Sensor Light $155.00
Initial Documents $50.00
Safe $140.00
Miscellaneous $300.00
This table serves as a guide; this does not offer the sale of any securities. Buyers should thoroughly familiarize themselves with any property contemplated for purchase. Costs are based on dollar rate of ?1 = $1.40.
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