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  Rental Restriction
  Questions have been raised about rental restrictions imposed within the Disney area. Three counties have different sets of rules. Orange County did, some time ago, bring in regulations forbidding rentals of less than 30 days. This does not mean that a property owner cannot let out his house; only that each letting must be for a minimum of 30 days. However, the number of rental agreements in any year could not be more than 12 at the very best (and probably less unless each rental period follows on immediately from the previous one) and so a property in Orange County is not best placed to maximize rental income. Osceola County now has rental restrictions in place. However, the position is very different from Orange County. Authorities have created exceptions and exclusions so as to protect the large number of investors who have already purchased houses in the county and the large number who continue to do so. Consequently and without going too deeply into what are fairly complex provisions, many developments have effectively been excluded from the restrictions rendering them communities from which short-term letting activities can safely be carried out. Polk County and Lake County is relatively developing fast. Therefore further investment is being encouraged. While rental restrictions could theoretically be imposed in the future, presently it is unlikely. This is due to the many existing owners who would be adversely affected, and would pose sufficient influence to overturn any attempt to introduce restrictions. It is essential that a prospective buyer obtains independent advice as to the suitability of the property/development they are considering, for the use to which it is intended to be put. With such advice the "problem" of rental restrictions should carefully evaluated and understood. We will gladly guide you safely and expertly throughout your selection process.
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